Project 365 – week 9 to week 12

I have had a couple of unproductive weeks in terms of blog content, but it’s been very busy with just about everything else.
So at the very least I thought I’d put together a little project 365 update. (Yes – it’s still going!)

The highlights of the last three weeks are:

  • I finished off the robot framework integration with teststack.white, using the remote library
  • I started a little mobile (/Appbuilder/Icenium) project with a fellow p365-er, Owen. (You can find his blog here)
  • I worked through chapter 2 of “Modern C++ Programming with TDD”
  • My machine was de-java-flowered

The lowlight was that I actually missed a day of coding for the very first time: I was watching a film festival and just didn’t make it back home before midnight to spin up the machine. Oh well – it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Let’s forget about the lowlight and take a quick look at the highlights:

Robot Framework & TestStack.White
I already wrote a little bit about this in my last project 365 update: All I’m going to say is: I got it working in the end – yay!

Telerik’s Appbuilder / Icenium
Some time last year, I went through a little bit of a javascript phase (experimenting with node on the server side, knockout on the client side and Icenium & JQM on the mobile side). Owen and I reprised this a little bit this year with a small project. He worked the server side of a little project (ASP.NET, Windows Azure, Entity Framework) while I played with the client side (Appbuilder and Kendo UI mobile). Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable experience and we may continue to push ahead, when Owen stops trying to hold up the leaning tower in Pisa.

“Modern C++ Programming with TDD”
Unsurprisingly, (given the title) this book is all about TDD in C++. I’ll write a full review for this in time. For now (whatever else may come later in the book), I have really enjoyed working through chapter two. Anyone looking to start applying or perhaps struggling with TDD in the C++ world should read this book.

First steps with Java
Finally, ahead of a company trip last week (to a place where they mainly speak Java), I installed both the Java SDK as well as the runtime and (uh oh) eclipse. I also started working my way through the Java First book as well as some Java for C++ / .NET guys tutorials. Having said that, I am only just starting with these so it’s all very basic “Hello World” stuff still.

Now I am off to adding a couple more unit tests tonight to the Soundex solution. What better way to spend a Sunday evening!


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