Project 365 – week 5

There is not much point in going through this week in detail. All of the week was focussed on catching up with where I am in C++ Concurrency in Action. I have almost gotten there now. One more chapter to go and I am back where I was …..well… two months ago.

Having made all of this sound quite negative, it’s actually been quite good fun to write these out again and it’s been a good learning experience. I just wish that it was actually new stuff I was covering and not revision. Oh well. One can dream.

Hopefully, I can get past this quickly and move on to some exciting stuff. At the moment I am thinking about how to interact with a C# and C++ code base from the robot framework. I think this might be the next little project to tackle.


Project 365 – week 4

This is now the fourth week of programming 365. I have spent a large amount of time so far on Python and I’m starting to fall a little out of love with it. Although that is quite unfair, I think it would be fairer to say that I am falling out of love with the python challenges. Initially, they were about the right size for a Github post. This week (no doubt due to my lack of knowledge in the area), I have started to find them a little obscure. My main complaint is that they seem to slanted more towards riddles than towards coding. It’s not so much a Python challenge as it is a “let’s decipher what this is trying to get us to do”. This is of course a perfectly valid approach, but feels quite frustrating if you have a daily coding deadline. (either you have an inspiration or you don’t in which case you are kind of stuck). So now – going forward – I will instead focus a little on recapping some of the books I have been reading and using this as an opportunity to actively code my way through some of them…

Day 22

What? Python imaging library as preparation for Python challenge

What did I learn? A little bit PIL – how to open pictures, print information on them, save them in a different format.

Day 23

What? Python imaging library – a little more work

What did I learn? How to rotate images, manipulate individual channels, crop images, filter them

Day 24

What? Python challenge – level 7 (labelled 8 in github)

What did I learn? Application of PIL in the Python challenge

Day 25

What? Python challenge – level 8 (…)

What did I learn? How to use bz2, decompress

Day 26

What? More PIL – contrast, anti-aliassing

What did I learn? …

Day 27

What? More PIL – blur and contours

What did I learn? …

Day 28

What? Started to re-read C++ concurrency in action. Added some sample code from the book.