Project 365 – Week 3

Third week of programming 365, third post on it – same procedure as usual. This week I have spent almost exclusively on python challenges. It’s been pretty good fun and each level is a nice small, self-contained amount of work. Beyond that, I also wrote up some code about C++ unit testing (in particular the use of std::function). Let’s see what the next week brings: Man, I looked at the “to-do list” from last week’s post and pretty much all of that is still to be done! Maybe this week – who knows?

PS: On the upside, Lynn is starting to get used to the project (the number of threats to break up over it have gone from something than can only be stored in an unsigned 64-bit int to something that can be stored in the signed part of a short).
PPS: On the downside, a lot of the python challenge code is quite rough and could definitely do with a tidy. At some point the focus just became to get through the challenges rather than code them well (booo!)

Day 15

What? Python tutorial – standard library part 2

What did I learn? Some more standard library. I learnt a little about python threads and logging. Not quite as cool as the content of standard library part one, but still pretty useful.

Day 16

What? Python challenge – levels 0 to 2 (labelled 1 to 3 in github)

What did I learn? How to use string translation with translation table and how to filter strings for rare characters.

Day 17

What? Python challenge – level 3 (labelled 4 in github)

What did I learn? Some basic regular expressions. Which is great because I am a total noob at them!

Day 18

What? Python challenge – level 4 (…)

What did I learn? How to make a series of web requests and read the responses

Day 19

What? C++ std::function and unit testing code samples

What did I learn? Wrote an illustration of a technique that I came across earlier in the work to enable unit testing with mininmal refactoring in code bases ruled by C/C++ functions. See earlier post on the blog

Day 20

What? Python challenge – level 5 (…)

What did I learn? Pickling as a way of serializing/deserializing python objects

Day 21

What? Python challenge – level 6 (…)

What did I learn? How to work with zip files in Python


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