It’s all about APIs – 22/01/14

On Wednesday, I went to a meetup hosted by IBM about APIs and I thought I should jot down a couple of notes. The meetup was extremely well organised by Laura. It’s the only meetup with an initial detailed Agenda, a reminder a couple of days after (just before the event), the slides posted on the day after the event as well as a summary of the evening writing up Laura’s thoughts on the meetup. (If you are looking for the slides from the evening, you can find them at the meetup group itself.)

The meetup itself was a mix of an initial broad brush introduction to various common concerns API developers share as well as a slightly deeper dive into a particular aspect (API security). The evening was very much a group discussion facilitated through the initial slides given by the presenters.

Some particularly interesting issues raised by the group & slides were:

  • A conceptually clean rest API vs APIs optimised for particular data interactions (or even particular devices)
  • The move away from completely open APIs towards APIs more closely managed with partners
  • Versioning
  • Three legged oauth authentications

Most of the issues are described in a fair amount of detail in the slides with references to further sources so I won’t go into more detail here.

An interesting evening. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to dive deeper into some of these topics at future meetups!


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