Project 365 – Week 2

I am now in the second week of the programming 365 thingy . This week I have put a lot less effort into the project. There just simply has not been the time to do any real “work”! Still, even though the week has been a lot slower, I have really appreciated how the project has forced me into doing at least a little bit of extra learning (20 minutes or half an hour) every day.

The theme of the week has been to finish the Python tutorial that I started last week. I am now almost there. (This shows how slowly the week went. Normally, I would maybe have done this kind of stuff in a day or day and a half.) Next week, I hope to make use of some of the stuff I learnt: maybe interact with Quantlib, maybe try out some NumPy and some of the json/http libraries and give the Python challenge a go too.

PS: I also need to spend a little bit of time to finish off / refactor some of the C++ code I did as well as clean the “Hello Python” solution.

Day 8

What? The Python tutorial – modules part

What did I learn? I learnt all about modules and how to import other python files and make use of functions defined in those files.

Day 9

What? Python tutorial – input and output

What did I learn? How to format strings and use keyword arguments in string formatting (useful way of organising arguments!). As well as file reading and writing (has really nice iteration facilities!)

Day 10

What? Python tutorial – exceptions

What did I learn? All about exceptions. How to raise and catch them. Inbuilt-ones. How to derive new ones. The try, else and finally statements (like else and finally – they are quite neat!)

Day 11

What? Python tutorial – classes

What did I learn? Really this was all about scope rules. Nested functions. What kind of variables you have access to where and how variables change when you modify them (Local vs non-local vs global)

Day 12

What? Python tutorial – classes

What did I learn? Class syntax. Writing a constructor, add methods & attributes. Instantiate objects, call member functions

Day 13

What? Python tutorial – classes

What did I learn? How member functions are bound to particular objects (or not as the case may be). Adding data members dynamically. Attributes are always public. Functions always “virtual”. How inheritance works. How classes really make use of nested scope in achieving what they achieve!

Day 14

What? Python tutorial – standard library – part 1

What did I learn? Some pretty standard stuff (files, path, os things and regexes) and some quite neat stuff. Http requests & responses. Deserializing json into python objects. Really neat acceptance testing. Some unit testing.


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