ReadingList.emplace_back(“Elements of Programming”)

I’m currently writing up my first “proper post”. Something which actually has some content. It’s going to be a review of some of the Going Native 2013 talks you can see over at Channel 9.

While reading up on the various talks and materials surrounding the talks, I came across a comment by Sean Parent recommending Alexander Stepanov’s & Paul McJones’s “Elements of Programming“.

Having watched the Stanford lecture in which they describe the book, I am quite intrigued by the approach and the book has definitely made it on to my reading list.

The idea here seems to be to foster greater and deeper understanding of programming through linking programming with mathematical theory. In particular, the assertion seems to be that programming is a continuation of the practical application of algebra. (…although not having read the book yet, I could of course be totally wrong.)

On the Amazon reviews (as well as the audience Q&A in the video), there appear to be some discussions whether this truly covers new ground in computer science theory. Given that this is an area where I don’t have much prior exposure, there is only one way of finding that out. Read it (and get out pen & paper for some working through it)!

PS: I’ll link to my Amazon reading lists as soon as I have a moment tomorrow.


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