A good old fashioned intro

In this blog, I’ll be static casting some random topics: I’ll cast off all safety catches afforded by normal reality and twisting topics to fit into my twisted reality. That’s at least what I’d like to think. Most likely, I’ll just repeat conventional wisdom spouted by everyone else in yet another place.

Enough of the fluff.

The inspiration behind this blog is among other things this blog post by Jeff Atwood.
The other reason for starting the blog is that I need somewhere to store my stream of consciousness for all of this computing stuff. Bookmark collections, dropbox folders etc. just don’t seem to do it for me. So maybe something more stream-like will do.

Topics here are likely to include little series & posts on:

  • Containers
  • Algorithms
  • Some other code katas
  • Multi-Threading
  • UI & Graphics work with C++
  • C++ libraries
  • Financial libraries
  • Unit testing
  • Design patterns (both OO and enterprise)
  • T-SQL
  • SOA & web services
  • Mobile & web development (particularly hybrid / HTML & javascript based apps)
  • Agile practices
  • Visual Studio & TFS

Ironically (and in a half-hearted gesture of neutrality), any code which I’ll link to / mention in the blog will be hosted on a – currently very empty – Github repo and not in a TFS service.

I’ll also try to review (semi-interesting) books, videos and talks.

Altogether, I hope to post at least once a week. Looking at this list, it’ll take ages to get anywhere at that rate though. Never mind – maybe I’ll just ignore all of the above and ramble about photography, running and climbing. Some of which I sometimes indulge in in my spare time.


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